DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review



DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

In its Definitive Edition form, DmC Devil May Cry isn’t just a better version of DmC–it’s a bonafide hack ‘n’ slash classic.

Devil May Cry HD – Before You Buy

Devil May Cry HD (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a collection of 1080p versions of the original three games. Is this trilogy worthy of a replay? Let’s talk.
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DmC: Devil may Cry Definitive Edition – TSM Narrative Review

At last, we finally cover the game responsible for nearly killing one of my favorite series. It’s a long for a damn good reason.

Forgot to include these, but here are the links for the videos I mentioned:

Foxcade’s look at DmC:

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Wha Happun for DmC by Matt McMuscles:

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DmC Devil May Cry The Cursed Reboot

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I’m Back 00:00 – 00:36
Build Up/Dev History 00:37 – 09:18
Gameplay 09:18 – 25:55
Story/Characters (SPOILERS) 25:56 – 35:23
Conclusion 35:23 – 38:04
Outro 38:04 – 38:35

DMC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

Is this Definitely the Definitive way to Define This Devil of a game? maybe. this is DMC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. the Reboot of the Devil May Cry that for some people is more of a black sheep than Devil May Cry 2 for some godforsaken Reason.

0:00 Intro
5:18 Gameplay
8:52 Main Story
28:26 The Chronicles of Virgil
32:23 Virgil’s Downfall
36:23 Conclusion

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