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World of Warcraft Has FINALLY Caught A Break

Just about everyone I’ve talked to is glowing about Dragonflight’s quality, launch hiccups notwithstanding. But, when we look at secondary metrics, we see the damage of Shadwlands linger.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 The Story – Has Warcraft Been Revived?
06:58 The Numbers – How WoW Stacks Against Modern Trends
12:09 The Truth – Why Are You Even Watching This Video?
16:34 The Reality – Dragonflight Is A Real Good Xpack!

The Profession Problem In Dragonflight: Blizzard’s Thoughts And Possible Direction

The wow team is talking about the success and opportunities with Dragonflight professions! The audience is grumbling over the inaction but let’s take a closer look at what they might be up to in the next few patches!

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WoW’s Best News In YEARS?! | The Big Dragonflight Team Change Revealed

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Turns out WoW’s development team has increased. A LOT! Hopefully this’ll mean good things for Dragonflight and beyond.

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Has Dragonflight Actually Sold Poorly? The State Of WoW In 2023

Blizzard’s latest release, Dragonflight, may not have performed as well as expected. In this video, we discuss the various factors that may have contributed to this outcome, including the 30 day free game time promotion, the lack of a big sales announcement post-launch, and lower Twitch viewer numbers. We also explore the potential reasons for Dragonflight’s underperformance, such as the “perfect storm” of the 9.1 patch and negative news breaking around the same time, the loss of goodwill among players, the tone of the game, and the wait-and-see effect. We also consider how the market has changed since 2010 and the impact of the new media landscape on the spread of information and opinion. Finally, we discuss the roadmap for Dragonflight’s future and how the developers can approach the endgame to ensure a better reception in the future.
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